Fashion Tips- Body Shapes


Highlight the positive and delete the negative.” Donna Karan

Being fashionable is not all about your choice of fabrics or garment designs, it’s also about you understanding your body shape and dressing yourself accordingly. There are many beautiful garments out there but do they all suit your body shape? Here we give you some information on different body shapes and tips on how to dress yourself.

The Pear Shape: Shoulders are narrower than hips. When you gain weight it will be distributed around hips, thighs and bottom.

Fashion Tips:

With your type of body it will look good to wear Cinderella type dresses, tightly fitted at the top and big at the bottom. This way you will hide your bigger lower body. If you’re the type who wants to embrace you0r curve and bigger lower body then we suggest you wear a dress that has some frills on the top and tightly fitted at the bottom so your body shape is balanced. If you are a jeans kind of gal then try to wear high waist jeans and a top that isn’t too short so it covers below your waist up to your jeans pockets.

The Hourglass: Hips and Shoulders are in line. Waist is nipped in. Weight is evenly distributed.

Fashion Tips:

With this type of body shape you can wear tightly fitted dresses, tops and trousers to show off your well balanced figure. The secret is not to hide any part of your body but to show it off.

The Oval: Heavy Frame bodies lie in this category.  Prominent tummy, chunky legs and sloppy shoulders are characteristics of this group.  

Fashion Tips:

Wear clothes that are up to your knees and skirts should be fastened on the side and flat fronted to avoid extra bulk. Your sloppy shoulders can be hided if you wear shoulder padded tops. And avoid tight, wide cut pants which can make the bottom look wider.

The Rectangle: Most common body shape. Few visible curves and weight is distributed around waist mostly.

Fashion Tips:

Draping dress with pattern will create curves in all the right places. Halter tops will make you look more curvaceous. Skinny jeans will hug the skinny shapeless hips giving them more definition. Wear delicate heels to look stylish.

The Lollipop: Big breasts. Not too broad shoulders, short waist and long skinny legs.

Fashion Tips:  

Bring attention to the bottom half of your body when choosing what to wear. Pick pieces that are shaped but not tight. Do not wear tops with ruffles or pastel shades or spaghetti straps. Wear wide V neck halves. No high neck lines! Skirts should be fitted at the top and flaring at the hemline. No high waist trousers or skirts. Bell bottom trousers balance out the breasts so you look less top heavy. Wearing medium to slim heel will complement the shapely legs.  Jackets worn should be closed below the bust line.

The Skittle: Top half is long and slim and widens at the bottom with saddle bags and a big bum on short legs.

Fashion Tips:

High waist jeans or skirt is a must in this category to make balance. Your jeans must be super tight to lift up your buttocks and you should wear tops that are a bit shorter than normal length tops.

The Apple Shape: All round shoulders, big breasts and waist, big hips and buttocks and no definition in the calves and ankles. 

Fashion Tips:

Avoid pleats around the hips and belly or anything high waist. Looser clothes will suit this category best. Fitted trench with belt will look great as a coat. Pick chiffon dresses with a corset. As for shoes small, shaped wedge sandal, and rounded or peeped toe shoes.

The Cone: Triangular body shape. It’s an athletic build with broad shoulders, little breasts, no waist line and small hips and buttocks.

Fashion Tips:

A fitted, single-breasted fitted blazer, making sure it defines the waist but is roomy enough in the bust that it doesn’t pull. The overall effect is slimming and shape-defining. Some pleated skirts will look nice with a simple tight top.


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