Fashion Tips- Make Up

Make-Up is very important in order to look good and fresh. There are many different tools used in make-Up that would help you to create your desired visage. Some tools are listed below with their purposes.


  • Pick a color that matches your skin tone.
  • It is important to choose cosmetic foundations that look natural on your skin.
  • For oilier skin types use non-oily based foundations and for dry skins it is suggested to use oily foundations.
  • Foundations should be applied after base skin cream and before all other Make-Ups.


  • Powder adds finishing touches to your foundation and keeps you looking fresh.
  • Oily skins will be calmed down with a pat of powder. Powder sets your foundation to make it last and adds a matte finish to the skin that looks fresh.
  • Do not use too much powder in any area as it will make you look fake.


  • Concealer provides extra cover to specific areas like under the eyes, redness at the sides of the nose or any spots on your face.
  • Concealer must be one or two shades lighter than your cosmetic foundation.


Eye Shadow

  • Eyes are the most expressive facial feature. Eye shadows come in several textures such as powder, pencil and cream.
  • Powder eye shadows are recommended to elementary level users as they are very easy to handle.
  • There are two basic ways to apply eye shadow in shape shading, rounded and winged. Winged shading is when you don’t have sagging. Rounded shading is when your brow bone markedly curves around the eye.
  • The secret to a well applied eye make-up is to minimize faults around the eye and adjust the size of the eye in order to fit in your face.
  • Using dark shades will create a more evening make up as a pose to lighter shades.
  • Very heavy eye make-up will result in disastrous looks. Please keep it simple.
  • When you are trying to match the eye shadow with your eye color, you end up distracting away from your eye because the matching color becomes the attraction.
  • Light colors make an area seem larger or closer.
  • Dark colors make an area seem smaller or further away.


Eye Liner

  • How to apply eye liner can dramatically affect the look and shape of your eyes.
  • Pencil eyeliners should be soft and smudgy.
  • Liquid eye liners need some skills to work with. They last longer than pencil ones but if you make mistakes when applying it then you are in big trouble. You have to cleanse your eyes and start all over in that case.
  • Brown eye liner will suit light brown hair, dark brown hair, blonde hair and red hair.
  • Black eye liner will suit medium brown hair, dark brown hair, red hair, black hair and Asian eyes.
  • Grey eye liner will suit grey hair with cool skin tone.



  • Cosmetic Mascara is used to make the eyelashes look thicker and darker.
  • Mascara will become dry after 4 months from date of use as bacteria contaminated it.
  • There are two main types of mascara, water proof and regular.


Lip Liner + Lipstick

  • Applying lipstick with moisturizer and sun protection is one way to protect the lips from weather changes.
  • Lipstick adds the finishing touch to make up by bringing the colors you have applied to your face into harmony.
  • Apply lipstick after drawing a crisp lip outline. It helps to keep the color from bleeding.
  • For lip liner you have to use the same color as your lipstick or slightly darker.
  • Matt colors make lips look thinner while shimmery and glossy colors make lips look fuller.
  • Your lipstick should go with your blusher.
  • Choose colors depending on your clothing color and occasion. Dark red lip will suit a black evening dress. It adds a bit of spark to it.

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